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Truth & Justice

Rebecca Rose Woodland is a high-profile New York based litigator known for being a fearless, passionate, tenacious advocate for justice. A highly skilled trial attorney with great instincts and a wonderful way with a jury, she has handled many high profile matters to successful completion by achieving record breaking verdicts/settlements. She has defended countless clients against unfounded criminal charges and civil actions. Rebecca is passionate about protecting her client’s constitutional rights.

Rebecca Rose Woodland Attorney, Rebecca in a green dressA native New Yorker, Rebecca attended Brooklyn Law School as a Richardson Scholar. After cutting her teeth as a trial attorney for the public sector in the trial department of the MTA/NYCTA, she co-founded the litigation firm of Lonuzzi & Woodland, LLP. Having tried a multitude of cases for the NY agency, the law firm was poised to handle major litigation cases. The firm is of the most sought after in NY with Ms. Woodland personally handling cases of significant impact and magnitude including a nationally publicized University sexual abuse case, a billion-dollar case on behalf of a Sovereign Wealth Fund and the largest case in Kings County involving a defense contractor for the Armed Services of the United States. Additionally, the partners serve as personal counsel to the immediate past Chief of Staff to the Mayor of the City Of New York, Eric Adams.

As a trial attorney, Rebecca displays great instincts, thinks on her feet and is able to form a connection with a jury. Rebecca is passionate about the law and channels that in an honest, straightforward approach to legal situations. She appeals to Judges and jurors of all races, classes and religions due to her approach of opting to present the case in thorough yet clear language rather than the use of confusing diction or “legalese.” Direct, insistent and assertive, Rebecca cuts through the nonsense to reveal the bare issues of a matter. Her honest straightforward manner juxtaposed with a highly energetic charged argument style appeals to judges and jurors of all backgrounds races classes and religions. Rebecca is known for thorough yet clear explanations of complex issues. Direct, insistive and assertive, Rebecca can cut through the complexities to get to the bare basic facts of a case.

To achieve these successful case resolutions, she is very hands on, personally investigating facts and circumstances surrounding her cases. Rebecca meets with clients and their families, gets personal histories/backstories, and visits the scene of the occurrence/crime to gather a complete sense of what transpired. Depending on the nature of the case, she employs experts of various disciplines in the fields of medicine, forensics, engineering, economics, accident reconstruction, witness identification, ballistics, DNA retrieval, etc. to aid in the evidentiary support of the case. These investigations always reveal hidden truths essential to the successful representation of her clients.

The boutique litigation practice she founded handles complex commercial litigation, civil rights claims, significant personal injury claims, false arrest claims, malicious prosecution claims, criminal defense matters and complex appellate work. Clients range from the severely underprivileged to high net worth individuals and major corporations. Rebecca dedicates a great deal of her time to pro bono causes and public service.

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