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Rebecca Rose Woodland TV Journalism, Rebecca on FOX News

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Rebecca is a nationally and internationally known legal analyst. She has been the go-to legal analyst breaking national and international legal news stories for the past 10 years. Appearing live on primetime and dayside shows to present and dissect all major legal breaking news stories, she hosts, reports, comments, analyzes and debates pressing legal topics. Rebecca employs this same approach she takes in the courtroom to the television interview. Discussing breaking news on air is done directly with ease of explanation, including the viewer in the conversation of the story. Engaging the viewer by explaining rather than using esoteric legal terms is a benchmark of every on air appearance.

Rebecca Rose Woodland, TV Journalism, Rebecca on a FOX News panelHaving appeared on all major national networks including Fox News Channel, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox Business Channel, ABC, Fox Network and Oxygen Network, Rebecca chooses to be objective in each approach to every case rather than appealing to the extremes.

Rebecca is poised, proficient and prepared to discuss a wide range of legal cases live on air including Civil Rights claims, Criminal cases, False Arrest/Malicious Prosecution cases, Commercial/Business litigation, International Relations matters, United States Supreme Court decisions, Constitutional Law matters, SEC Securities and Regulation matters, Corporate Law issues, Family Law matters, Complex Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice cases, and Celebrity legal stories. She has covered thousands of stories with recent live news coverage ranging from the Breonna Taylor case, various Supreme Court decisions, civil rights stories including George Floyd, civil matters including Jonny Depp/Amber Heard trial, business civil matters including Elon Musk/Twitter, complex personal injury cases including University of Michigan sexual abuse case, the ongoing sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, OJ Simpson incarceration and eventual parole, BP oil spill, mass shootings, patent and technology claims including Facebook and Google litigation.

Rebecca Rose Woodland on FOX News, Rebecca on a FOX News panelShows include: Hannity, The Today Show, Tamron Hall Show, Outnumbered, Access Hollywood, The Street with Jim Cramer, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Shepard Smith, Fox and Friends, Nancy Grace, America’s Newsroom, Happening Now, Bill O’Reilly, Bulls and Bears, Afer the Bell, Happy Hour, Mornings with Alex Witt.

Rebecca has been engaged as the lead in a number of one hour unscripted docuseries including: Divorce Hotel/FOX Network where she served as the Judge mediating real divorce cases within a strict four day period; Retried/Oxygen Network where she co-starred with Nancy Grace, Eboni K. Williams and Mark Eiglarsh to re-investigate crimes for allegedly wrongfully accused criminals; Untitled Serial Killer Investigative show/Peacock/NBC.

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